The Strong Approach

The Strong Approach is an online community to support and empower women who want to be strong, fit and feel confident in their own skin, but who don't want to sacrifice their precious time, essential energy and all of the things that they enjoy!


I believe that every woman would be happier and healthier by letting go of the 'all or nothing' mindset forced upon us by society, ditching the diet culture and learning to love themselves and be confident in their own skin.

You don't need to restrict the food that you love, workout everyday, or be a certain shape or size, to live a healthy, happy and fulfilled lifestyle.

Self deprivation and pushing your body to it's limits through intense training and daily stress, isn't going to fill up your cup and make you feel good, trust me I've been there.

You can be strong, fit and happy in your own skin by tuning in to what YOU need and taking a balanced and relaxed approach to nutrition, lifestyle and training.


Together let's empower 

YOU to take the 'Strong Approach' and make being strong from the outside in, a part of your lifestyle.

You deserve it, you are worth it.


How can The Strong Approach can help you?

Each month you will receive weekly workouts, nourishing meal inspiration, affirmations and meditation, group challenges, advice and support from like minded women and optional weekly check ins.

Your membership package includes:

  • A four week personalised home or gym programme – Three workout videos demonstrating correct technique, progressions and modifications with structured training and recovery days, these 20 minute sessions are designed to meet your individual goals and fit into your lifestyle.

  • Mindset Meditation and Affirmations: Daily doses of inspirational words to help you to feel calm, confident and adopt a positive outlook.

  • Weekly recipes: Quick and convenient meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner that taste good, lift you up and leave you feeling energised.

  • Private Facebook page: Where you’ll connect with other like-minded women, join optional group challenges, access exclusive information and can ask for support on everything and anything.

    Monthly Upgrade if and when you want to

  • Talk via Skype Call: An opportunity for you to chat to me 1:2:1 and share any personal challenges, obstacles or concerns.

Ready to start your personal journey and join my online community today?

Basic membership is just £49 per month or £69 to include 30 minute check in call.

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