Welcome to Fitbarre. 
The boutique Personal Training studio for women. 


What we offer.

Located in Leeds within the popular area of Chapel Allerton, we are a fully private fitness studio for women.

Fitbarre, set up by Victoria Wood, is one of the few women's only boutique gyms in Leeds.

Specialising in resistance training, strength and conditioning, the studio was created with a vision of empowering women with the knowledge and the tools to workout for physical and mental strength rather than aesthetics or the 'perfect' body dictated to us by a media filled world.

Using methods to guide clients to a stronger, fitter, healthier and happier mind and body, our bespoke services are designed to help women let go of their insecurities and appreciate and love their bodies for how they perform and how they feel.

We’re not into quick fixes, fad diets or the 'go hard or go home' mentality. Instead we aim to inspire you to make positive changes and adopt new habits that are manageable and sustainable so that you can be strong and feel good for your whole lifetime. 

"I am passionate about helping women to be fit, strong and feel confident in their own skin. "

Victoria - Founder of Fitbarre